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Sentinel offers you a wide variety of NEW, USED and REFURBISHED Ultrasound Systems, Ultrasound Probes, Transducers, Repair Services, Support, and more!

Sentinel will do the heavy lifting for you and help get what you want!

The Sentinel Imaging group grew from the vision and leadership of one of our founders, Bob Davies. In the early eighties, Bob signed on as a Field Service Engineer with ATL, one of the pioneer manufacturers of ultrasound imaging equipment. Since the earliest days of ultrasound.

Bob's lifelong career focus has been on perfecting methods of providing World Class Service to his ultrasound clients in the greater Mid-Atlantic Region.

In 2005, on the heels of his quarter century pursuit to provide service excellence, Bob teamed up with his son and partner to launch their new company.

Out of these roots the Sentinel Imaging Group was founded. And now, 12 years later, the legacy continues as we provide service excellence to our ever expanding list of regional, national, and international customers.

Sentinel will do the heavy lifting for you and help get what you want!

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