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Aloka Ultrasound Probes and Aloka Ultrasound Transducers

We can save you $1000’s and satisfy all your ultrasound equipment needs.

The Sentinel Imaging Group has a large inventory of new, used, reconditioned and refurbished Aloka ultrasound probes in stock. If you would like more information:

please call our toll-free number 888 838 7488
use our online quote form
email us at sales@sentinelultrasound.com.

Note : We are redesigning our ultrasound probe and ultrasound transducer database. It should be online within a week. If you need information or a price, please call.

Choose from our wide selection of Aloka ultrasound transducers

Aloka ASU-67-7.5/10
Aloka ASU-1001
Aloka ASU-1002
Aloka ASU-1003
Aloka ASU-1009
Aloka ASU-1010
Aloka ASU-1011
Aloka ASU-1012
Aloka UST-533
Aloka UST-534
Aloka UST-536
Aloka UST-547
Aloka UST-5410
Aloka UST-5411
Aloka UST-5412
Aloka UST-588U-5
Aloka UST-677P
Aloka UST-678
Aloka UST-935N-5
Aloka UST-984-5
Aloka UST-990-5
Aloka UST-5011-3.5
Aloka UST-5024-3.5
Aloka UST-5035-3.5
Aloka UST-5036-3.5
Aloka UST-5038-5.0
Aloka UST-5044-3.5
Aloka UST-5268P-5
Aloka UST-5298
Aloka UST-5299
Aloka UST-52109
Aloka UST-5510T-7.5
Aloka UST-5512-7.5
Aloka UST-5512U
Aloka UST-5524-7.5
Aloka UST-5524-LAP
Aloka UST-5534T-7.5
Aloka UST-5536-7.5
Aloka UST-5539-7.5
Aloka UST-5541-7.5
Aloka UST-5542
Aloka UST-5543
Aloka UST-5546
Aloka UST-5548
Aloka UST-5814-5
Aloka UST-8731-7.5
Aloka UST-9118
Aloka UST-9112-5
Aloka UST-9115
Aloka UST-9119
Aloka UST-9119-3.5
Aloka UST-9123


For Aloka Ultrasound Machines and Aloka Ultrasound Systems we have in stock Click here.

You’re guaranteed the perfect fit for your practice and savings at the lowest possible prices. Improve your image quality and bottom-line savings, that’s the Sentinel Imaging advantage!

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