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GE Logiq 500

GE Logiq 500

The GE Logiq 500 ultrasound machine is a system that makes it easy for users to increase their productivity by tailoring their imaging parameters. Also, by taking advantage of extensive pre-programmed application presets or by storing store their own frequently used settings, users can produce high quality images at the touch of a button. It is designed for a wide variety of functions, from OB/GYN to cardiac. Call us today for details and pricing.


The GE Logiq 500 Ultrasound Machine has the following features:

2-D, B/M-Mode
12″ high resolution monitor, full swivel/tilt/height adjust monitor
Color Doppler
Pulsed Wave Doppler
CFM Color Flow Maps
Colorized B, M, and PW Doppler Displays
256 shades of gray Digital Imaging Processing
Dual Image Cine Display
Spectrum Invert
Scrolling Memory
User selectable/programmable presets
Power Doppler Imaging

We stock new, used and refurbished GE ultrasound machines, portable ultrasound systems and a full line of new, used, refurbished GE ultrasound probes and transducers.


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