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GE Logiq A5

GE Logiq A5

The Logiq A5 is designed for a wide variety of functions, from OB/GYN to cardiac. Call us today for details and price.









Small Parts and Superficial

Pediatric and Neonatal


Scanning Methods

Electronic Sector

Electronic Convex

Electronic Linear

Transducer Types

Sector Phased Array

Convex Array

Microconvex Array

Linear Array

Operating Modes



Anatomical M-Mode

Color Flow Mode (CFM)

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) with

Directional Map

PW Doppler with High PRF

M-Color Flow Mode

Steerable CW Doppler (TBD)

Dedicated CW Doppler (TBD)

Standard Features

State-of-the-art User Interface with High Resolution 6.4 inch Color LCD Touch Panel,

40 GB Hard Disk with over 25 GB of image storage

Without compression:

Raw DICOM: >4,000 images,

DICOM: > 19,000 images

Secondary capture: >30,000 images,

With JPG compression:,

Raw DICOM: >4,800 images

DICOM: >220,000 images

Secondary capture: >330,000, images

970 Frames (60 sec) CINE Memory (192MB)

Real-time Triplex Mode at any Depth and PRF

Automatic Optimization

Auto Tissue Optimization: ATO

Auto Spectrum Optimization: ASO


Tissue Harmonics

Virtual Convex

Patient Information Database

Image Archive on Hard Drive and CD

Vascular Calcs

Cardiac Calcs

OB Calcs

Fetal Trending

Multi Gestational Calcs

Hip Dysplasia Calcs

Gynecological Calcs

Urological Calcs

Renal Calcs

Real-time Auto Doppler Calculations

TruAccess, Raw Data Processing


Additional probe port

DICOM 3.0 Connectivity

InSite . Capability

Physio Input Panel for ECG, PCG, Aux

ECG Cable

CW Doppler

Anatomical M-Mode


Easy 3D (Baby Face)

Advanced 3D, with 3D Landscape

Image archive on MOD

3-Pedal Foot Switch, with

Programmable Functionality


We stock new, used and refurbished GE ultrasound machines, portable ultrasound systems and a full line of new, used, refurbished GE ultrasound probes and transducers.


You’re guaranteed the perfect fit for your practice and savings at the lowest possible prices.  Improve your image quality and bottom-line savings, that’s the Sentinel Imaging advantage!

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