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GE Vivid 7


The GE Vivid 7 ultrasound machine is designed for a wide variety of functions, from OB/GYN to cardiac. Call us today for details and price.

4D Depth Color Render: Two depth color render maps enhance depth perception in any 4D image.
Advanced TSI: Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI) provides quantification of LV synchronicity information. Time-to-peak data is derived from the simple-to-use “red light/green light”
9-slice: See regional wall motion in a whole new way by slicing the left ventricle of a 4D full-volume dataset into nine equidistant short-axis views.
Real-Time Color Flow Full Volume: Assess hemodynamic information in color, in real time, in the same heart cycle. You also have the option of viewing a 6-slice cross-section of the left ventricle.
Cutting-edge AFI: Assessing and quantifying left ventricle wall motion is easy with GE’s Automated Function Imaging (AFI) tool, which delivers reproducible, systolic, segmental and global assessments quickly and accurately. New simplified workflow with quick tips, and an adaptive ROI provide more robust and reproducible results for the non-expert, improving speed and confidence in understanding LV function.
Contrast Imaging: Get enhanced visualization of the LV border for wall-motion analysis and ejection fraction calculations in multi-dimensional and 4D full-volume imaging.
Tissue Tracking: Provides easy recognition of regional and global wall left ventricular relaxation motion abnormalities.
Strain Rate Imaging: SRI evaluates ischemic heart disease and true analysis of a specific piece of the myocardium.
4D LV Volume: Using the exceptional real-time full volume image quality produced by the GE Vivid 7 Dimension, the 4D LV volume tailored package from TomTec Imaging Systems can provide a full assessment of the left ventricle, free of geometric assumptions and shape, in less than a minute. These valuable clinical tools are available on both Vivid 7 Dimension and EchoPAC.

We stock new, used and refurbished GE ultrasound machines, portable ultrasound systems and a full line of new, used, refurbished GE ultrasound probes and transducers.


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