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Portable Ultrasound Systems

This Months Popular Portables

GE_Vivid_i                                        Sonosite_Titan

GE Vivid I                                                                              SonoSite Titan


The used and refurbished portable ultrasound system and hand held ultrasound market has exploded lately, driving up the price of the most popular models. While many of our competitors make their profits from sales only,  Sentinel Imaging is both an ultrasound repair facility as well as a portable ultrasound system sales outlet.  Because sales is not our entire bottom line, we can offer better deals on both equipment and service. Our friendly staff members can help you find the portable equipment that best meets your needs for the right price.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, more information, or instant price quotes on any ultrasound system. No pressure, No obligation.

You can contact us by
Calling us Toll Free at 888 838 7488
Use our online form
Or email us at sales@sentinelimaging.net


What Sentinel Imaging Offers:

Sales and Service on all major brands
Specializing in B&K Systems, Parts and Transducer Repairs
Equipment Service Contracts – Full Coverage or PM only
Time and Material Billable Service
Unlimited technical phone support at no charge
On-site Applications Training
A Variety of  Lease / Finance options Available


Below is a list of the popular portable ultrasound systems we sell and service. Whether you just want to ask a question about a specific system, whether you’re starting to gather information and compare prices, or whether you’re ready to buy, feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help you.

Contact us now for help with  your portable ultrasound system needs. No  pressure and never any obligation:

Call us Toll Free at 888 838 7488
Email us at sales@sentinelimaging.net
Use our online form
Click on the brands or models listed below for detailed product information.

B&K Portables
B&K Merlin
B&K Mini Focus
GE Portables
GE Logiq Book XP
GE Logiq e
GE Logiq i
GE Vivid e
GE Vivid i
GE Vivid q
GE Voluson e
GE Voluson i
Hitachi Portables
Hitachi EUB-405 Plus
Medison Portables
Medison MySono U5
Medison SonoAce Pico
Medison SonoAce R3
Medison SonoVet Pico
Medison SonoVet R3
Mindray Portables
Mindray DP-1100 Plus
Mindray DP-2200
Mindray DP-3300
Mindray DP-6600
Mindray DP-6900
Mindray DP-7700
Mindray M5
Mindray M7
Philips Portables
(call for availability)
Philips CX50
Siemens Portables
(call for availability)
Acuson Portable Ultrasound Systems
Acuson X300
SonoSite Portables
SonoSite 180
SonoSite 180PLUS
SonoSite iLook
SonoSite M-Turbo
SonoSite MicroMaxx
SonoSite NanoMaxx
SonoSite SonoHeart ELITE
SonoSite Titan
Toshiba Portables
Toshiba Viamo


You’re guaranteed the perfect fit for your practice and savings at the lowest possible prices.  Improve your image quality and bottom-line savings, that’s the Sentinel Imaging advantage!

We won't rest until you are 100% satisfied.

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